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I just want to take a little time out of my horrendous homework pile hours and say goodbye to my Gramma. She was your typical grandma i suppose. It's been so long since she was actually my grandma and don't remember very much of anything we used to do. She had altzheimer's so the past 8 maybe 9 years she grew worse and up until now it was just a waiting game. When she was on the verge of remembering and not remembering my family somehow I alway's felt that she was still there.

The last Easter she came too she didn't talk to anyone, she just sat in a chair. Though my aunt kept reminding her who we were, I alway's thought maybe she does remember and she doesn't want to acknowledge anything. She beat the evil in her life. Evil being my grandfather. He was a nice grandpa to us kids, but to my grandmother over the years not what I would ever imagine in my life.

From what I heard, or shall I say over hearing my parents and aunt's conversation, my grandpa consistently cheated on her and it was obvious they were not happy. My mom blames him for my grandma being sick. She took many drugs, mind you back in the day you could get anything over the counter, just to ignore him and her feelings. I remember once she asked me if I wanted some candy and almost gave me some kind of pill instead, luckily my mom was there to correct her.

Though, I will alway's remember the time's I would come home from school and she would be there to walk me home. I will alway's remember going out to eat hot dogs with her at that place I can't remember. They don't exist anymore and i know it has green's in it (no not walgreens either). I will alway's remember she'd give me a dollar for no reason. She would always say 'It's not much, but we can pretend right?'..I'd agree and smile at her. I'll never forget going to A.C. Moores or other craft places.

I missed her then, I miss her now.

I love you Gramma
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