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So it's been awhile....

Normally, this journal's purpose was always to get the anger and frustration out against the world. But tonight I feel like making it go towards a new route of my life.

I'm almost done with school. I'm finishing up my 10th quarter with only 2 more to go. I believe the graduation date is set on September 19th I heard someone say. I will be done with school (for now-i want to go for my masters one day)(yes, i can get a masters degree for being a graphic artist)(plus i'm awesome). Next quarter I have no time to goof off or have any fun. I have a full load of shit. I'm not looking forward to it but I am at the same time because there all awesome classes. Digital Photography, Creative Writing (soo excited for this), Professional Portfolio (already have that teacher and she said I can make a book! sweet deal but A LOT OF WORK!), Art Direction (don't know what's going on there), Media & Pop Culture (ha! it's easy and just that missing filler class i need to graduate in Sept.), AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE CLASS I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE I STARTED......BOOK ARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!(with my fav. teacher nonetheless!! I get to make some crazy shit, so brace yourself people).

So, thats my school life in a nut shell. Oh, yeah. The day after I have my first Portfolio class i have to show my portfolio to hundreds of people at a convention. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT.

Which my one week vacation is producing so much shit out of my ass like you wont believe. But it will give me something to do while Brian is at work along with all my other friends. :]

So, Brian is amazing. Not like anyone else I could ever possibly meet in my life. I'm so incredibly happy that I don't know what to do with it. I'm not used to it. I get scared and freak out sometimes but he's unbelieveably understanding. It shocks me that he hasn't left my crazy ass yet. ha!

I love him. <3
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