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So, my week is almost over. I have two classes left to attend. I honestly dont know what i was thinking taking 6 classes with Portfolio in the mix. Though i must say I'm taking it better today than i did yesterday. Wednesdays is the biggest day of the week. Portfolio and then Art Direction. I had my first panic attack since i worked at A&P and was freaking out. Portfolio really takes a lot out of you. Though my teacher is really amazing and has a set schedual to get our portfolios done by week 9. Week 10 is our review with potential employers and teachers. Week 11 our teacher gives us our grades. I have an over whelming load of work. Luckily i have three easy classes that i dont have to do that much work for. Creative Writing, i already finished a 7page story thats due on monday. I also have photography that day but he's going to show us the camera's nxt wk so we dont have to have anything done yet. Art direction, haha ummm. I dont even know what's due nxt week. I'ma have to ask someone. She wasn't clear and neither is her syllabus. Tonight i have Media and Pop Culture and all we do is watch movies. I can do other work in that class. And tomorrow is my favorite class!!!!!!! BOOK ARTS! woot!! Ummm......So, yeah. I dont know have time to do things other than do work. Thinking about it,is making me start to panic. Bleh
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